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The U.S. Nationals are actually competitions within competitions

The 2018 U.S. Cross Country Nationals is an open event that invites clubs and racers from all around the country to compete head to head with the top skiers from our nation.

Many elite teams will be picked from this competition.

The 2018 Olympics

PyeongChang, South Korea

Feb. 9- 25, 2018


The U.S. XC Nationals will serve as one of the tryout events to pick the 2018 Olympic team. Selection for the Olympic team: In addition

American Junior skiers Katherine Ogden, Julia Kern, Hailey Swirlbul and Hannah Halverson made the first podium ever, a silver medal, at the World Juniors in 2017. They are among the skiers to watch during the 2018 U.S. Nationals in Anchorage.
Flying Point Photography

to tryout races, other criteria is also used, including Olympic FIS points, FIS World Cup Cross Country Competitions, Discretions and Super Tour Points.

While our top World Cup athletes such as Kikkan Randall, Jessie Diggins, Sadie Bjornson, Erik Bjornson and Sophie Caldwell will remain in Europe racing the World Cups, many other athletes will be racing in Anchorage, Alaska, vying for the extra spots on the Olympic Team. Skiers to watch: Scott Patterson, Alaska; Patrick Caldwell, Vermont; Brian Gregg, Minnesota; Tyler Kornfield, Alaska; Tadd Elliott, Colorado; Matt Gelso, California, David Norris, Alaska; Kris Freeman, Vermont; Reese Hanneman, Alaska; Logan Hanneman, Alaska; Caitlin Gregg, Minnesota; Caitlin Patterson, Alaska/Vermont; Chelsea Holmes, Alaska; Kaitlyn Miller, Vermont; Anne Hart, Minnesota/Vermont; Erika Flowers, Vermont; Jennie Bender, Montana; Becca Rorabough, Alaska; and many other outstanding athletes not mentioned.


World Juniors and U23 Championships

Goms-Kandersteg, Switzerland

Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2018


The World Juniors and U23 Championships feature the nation’s best skiers, ages 18-23. Eleven women and 11 men are selected between the two teams. The US XC Nationals Championships is the sole selection series for this event.

Alaska Winter Stars skier Gus Schumacher rounds a corner during the 2017 U.S. Nationals in Soldier Hollow, Utah. He is among the junior skiers to watch at the 2018 U.S. Nationals in Anchorage.
Courtesy Jan Buron

Skiers to watch: Hannah Halverson, California; Julia Kern, Massachusetts; Katherine Ogden, Vermont; Hailey Swirlbul, Colorado; Leah Lange, Utah; Vivian Hett, Minnesota; Molly Gellert, Alaska; Gus Schumacher, Alaska; Luke Jager, Alaska; Cully Brown, Colorado; Adam Martin, Minnesota; Ezra Smith, Sydney Palmer-Leger, Wyatt Gebhardt, Canyon Tobin, Alaska; Noel Keefe, Ben Ogden, Nolan Herzog, Ti Donaldson, Alaska; and many other outstanding athletes not mentioned.

U18 Nordic Junior Countries Competition

Vuokatti, Finland

Jan. 21-31, 2018


The US XC Nationals will serve as the sole selection races for the U18 Nordic Junior Countries Team. The nation’s best 16- and 17-year-olds – six female and six male – will be selected. Skiers to watch are all the young juniors, ages 16 and 17. This age group can bring many surprises to each competition every year, so who will be selected remains to be seen.

The Junior Nationals

Soldier Hollow, Utah

March 5-10, 2018


Junior Nationals is the premier junior event with, more than 400 Junior skiers, and will take place in Soldier Hollow, Utah. The U.S. XC Nationals serves one of many tryout races for this event. Skiers that compete at U.S. Nationals are awarded points, and any skier making the Top-20 Junior ranking list at the end of the competition prequalifies for Junior Nationals. Skiers to watch: This age group is 14-19. All skiers will be vying for this list.


The World Junior & U23 teams along with the U18 Nations Cup team will be announced on Jan. 6, 2018, at the U.S. National Banquet, hosted by ConocoPhillips.

For more information visit. www.ussa.org, click on Nordic, click on Cross Country, click on Coaches, and click on Criteria.



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