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Get your motors running: It’s full throttle ahead into the season

A whale surfaces near Seldovia, in Kachemak Bay. Mount Iliamna is in the background. Photo by Andy Hall.

A whale surfaces near Seldovia, in Kachemak Bay. Mount Iliamna is in the background. Photo by Andy Hall.

Admit it: Spring is an “itchy” time of year, and I’m not talking allergies. At some point, we wake up to get ready for work one morning and realize that, hey, it’s no longer dark as death outside and there is even a glimmer of sunshine coming through the trees. The dread associated with running outside to turn the car on to warm up disappears, and you can even get away without scraping the windows if you let the engine idle a bit longer. There’s even a hint that chlorophyll is making its way into the budding trees and slightly greening grass in freshly thawed sunny spots.
My own personal signal that winter has whimpered its last frosty hurrah is when I step out of bed and do not require my thick slipper socks to stay warm. As soon as I shed the socks, it’s adios, winter.
It’s the little things we Alaskans celebrate. After all, we survived another one.
This month we indeed celebrate spring in Alaska – because right after spring comes summer! And summer means sunshine, barbecues, fishing, hiking, camping, running, biking … the list goes on. It means friends and family get together outside to enjoy the very thing that attracted us to Alaska in the first place – its outdoors. “I came here for the outrageous heating bills, dark days and subzero temperatures,” said no one ever. Right?
Our annual Adventure Unlimited Guide is meant to get outdoors-lovers thinking about where to go and what to do with all their summer daylight hours. This year we’ve zoned in on five of the most accessible destinations within a reasonable drive from Anchorage, offering a few suggestions on what to do, and when, so you can plan your trip accordingly. An aviation fan? You better get to Talkeetna or Valdez this month. Like art and good food? Go to Homer. Prefer to watch people torture themselves running up and down a mountain? Seward is the place to be. You get the picture.
Also featured this month is our annual Alaska Rush Alaska Airlines Cup Guide. This tournament, held every summer, attracts some of the best players in the state and is a great way to spend a summer afternoon cheering on your local team. Young players just developing their skills will experience great competition and an adult league that is starting to gain traction is hoping to have some competitive matches to get them summer-ready.

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