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A blizzard of ski and board flicks are headed our way this fall. A few years ago you’d be lucky to track down five worthy previews before the ski season kicked off. Now, there’re twenty or so poised to hit the big screen, or the computer screen.

Props to anyone who takes the time to record all their exploits and edit them into a full-length video, but viewers will have to take the good with the bad as they become easier to produce. For 2012, there’s a split field of professional-grade videos – even some that may not meet today’s standards while still casting a shadow on flicks from years ago – and groups of kids who do a good job of getting in frame, but not such a great job making their film worth watching.

They’ll have to accept being topped by pros like Teton Gravity Research and Warren Miller, both continuing their tradition of excellence. Big budgets, creative know-how and most importantly a firm grasp on what impresses viewers obviously pays off.

Enjoy these previews of both smashing and aspiring ski films scheduled for release this fall. Decide for yourself who deserves a pat on the back for making you dig your skis and snowboards out of the closet in anticipation of another record snow season.


Dream Factory
Teton Gravity Research

TGR makes their annual pilgrimage to Alaska with pit stops in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and British Columbia. An impressive list of leading skiers and boarders immerse themselves in the Alaskan backcountry during last year’s record snowfalls, following in the footsteps of Alaska’s skiing pioneers while reflecting on the skiing boom of the early 90’s. There’s no place like home, and TGR is giving Alaskans a broad look at what they might call their backyard.


Flow State
Warren Miller Company

As usual Warren Miller is all pro with a long list of top skiers and boarders that have been around the block, not to mention the globe, more than a few times. Warren Miller maintains his high standards, perfecting the art of slowmotion filming and nearly still action at peak, exhilarating moments. “Flow State,” with a focus on the mind and mountain becoming one, incorporates all facets of skiing while paying tribute to the cultures and breathtaking scenery found in and around the locations. This film is comprised of footage from Alaska, Colorado, Utah, California, Austria, Japan, Norway and Switzerland.


Level 1 Productions

Winter might be a dark time of year, but these folks are referring to a mental disposition. Follow Level 1 on their adventurous and humorous expeditions with trips throughout the U.S. Locations include Alaska, British Columbia, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Japan and many more winter hotspots. Level 1 circumnavigates the globe for our viewing pleasure. Feast your eyes on backcountry, freestyle and urban skiing.


Part Time

They might only spend “part time” on the slopes and terrain parks, but PYP certainly spends full time living for the ski. “Part Time” isn’t exactly a big budget film, but it introduces a band of carefree – and sometimes careless – skiers and snowboarders. Based on the preview, they’re expecting you’ll enjoy their face plants as much as their perfectly executed aeronautics.

Action is shot in Whistler, Kelowna, Powder King, Prince George, Aspen, Grouse Mountain, Apex Resort and more.


My World
Life Steeze Media

The boys from Russia want to show what they’re made of as they merge into the U.S. ski film industry and showcase a little hometown action. “My World” includes footage from Russia and Northern Europe.


Awone Again
Awone Films

Their fifth film, Awone promises “Awone Again” to be their best one yet “with more laughs, stupidity, slaying, travels, friends and fun than ever before.” They’re a young crew trying to make their mark on the film scene and have what looks to be a firm grasp of editing that counteracts the lack of budgeting for helicopter flybys. It could be fun, and you can check it out for free this fall.


Few Words

Prepare to be impressed by X Games gold medalist and Freeride World Tour winner Candide Thovex’s first feature film. It would appear Quicksilver spared no expense in production, following Thovex for two years, attempting find the perfect conditions and capture him in his element. The preview alone makes humanity, and Earth, look like the most spectacular thing this side of the universe.


The Fire
Wordup Media

Wordup attempts to share their burning desire to ski. “The Fire” is likely the only ski film with New York City footage in it, which may appeal to some. Other locations include Oslo, Lillehammer, the mountains in Utah, Folgefonna and park filming at what Wordup regards as the best terrain parks in Norway.



Freeski-Crew may be “just a bunch of friends” as described on their website, but their video flare and attention to detail looks to have paid off in “Dynamite.” The preview, at the very least, is leaving some other up-and-coming productions in the dark ages. Freeski is sharing a seriousness and dedication to quality with bold editing for bold maneuvers and a lot less of the immature antics found in other films. Take a look and see if you’re impressed. Film locations include the Alps and British Columbia.


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