Single-track mind

Craving the crust

March 17, 2015
Whittier Pass overlooking Portage Glacier. JANICE TOWER

Spring cycling offers the best of winter, summer As spring approaches, my mind is obsessed with crust. The sun rises high on the horizon, melting snow at an accelerated rate.…

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What to wear to keep snow biking enjoyable

January 21, 2015
Julie Berberich and Darcy Davis layer up for riding in the White Mountains Recreation Area. Janice Tower

Being caught off guard by the weather foils many a winter bike ride. With Anchorage’s extreme temperature variations, it can be above freezing at Glen Alps in the Chugach Mountains,…

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Ride all five: Mother of mountain biking has a few favorites of her own

December 22, 2014
Getting along in the BLM Campbell Tract. Courtesy Janice Tower

There’s no question that fat biking is exploding in popularity. Question is, where is it fun—and permissible—to ride? Here are five of my favorite fat bike rides in the Anchorage…

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‘Sweet, salt and substance’

November 4, 2014
Matt Tanaka tackles winter racing. Fuel fast rides with sweet foods. Andy Romang

Tend to your nutritional needs while winter biking I can hardly wait for the rivers, lakes and swamps to freeze thick enough to support two fat tires and a winter…

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Pointless tragedy Anchorage cycling community loses a best friend

September 22, 2014
Tributes to a fallen friend. Janice Tower

Jeff Dusenbury, a 51-year-old avid cyclist, was killed by a motorist on Saturday, July 19. Within 30 hours of Jeff’s death his best friends organized, via social media, a gathering…

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Free ridin’

August 13, 2014
Lee Bolling on Northwest Passage. LESLIE KEHMEIER

Tireless work puts Kincaid Park one-way bike trails on the map Carpenter by day, trail builder by night, Ryan Greeff knows the value of having an outlet for a passion.…

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