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Undaunted discoveries

November 26, 2014
Andy Newton gets some speed while Nordic ice skating — using blades that attach to traditional Nordic ski boots — on the Kenai Peninsula. JOE STOCK

No matter the weather, the persistent Alaska adventurer will prevail The Alaska athlete has a garage full of toys. Bikes, skis, running shoes, boats … all of these items help…

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Rock on: Adventure climbing thrives in southcentral Alaska

September 25, 2014
Cathy Flanagan rock climbing Womb with a View (5.10a) above the Wosnesenki River, Kenai Mountains. JOE STOCK

By Joe Stock Alaska gets a bad rap for rock climbing. The state’s most popular climbing area – the cliffs along the Seward Highway – was rated in Rock &…

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Fast forward with fast hiking technique

July 16, 2014
Trond Jensen mountain trail running on a tundra ridge while running the 12 highest summits in the Chugach Front Mountains in 1 day, near Anchorage, summer in southcentral Alaska. MR

Take on big chunks of terrain with this adventurous hiking style There is a term out there for the things my friends and I do on a relatively frequent basis…

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Deadly deception

February 12, 2014
Avalanche danger is not just a threat to those seeking out big adventure, such as climbing Denali. Danger can be as close as well-traveled ski slopes or even the snow on your roof. By Andy Hall

Avalanche danger a risk not worth taking   By the time you read this, snow will almost certainly have killed someone in Alaska. It happens every year. In the winter…

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Camping – not

January 20, 2014
The Cricket Pop-up Trailer is the newest excuse for camping, and the latest example of Americans gone soft. crickettrailer.com

REI’s latest craze a sad statement on American recreationalists SEATTLE – The star holiday attraction of 2103 at the REI mothership here was a pop-up travel trailer. Little could say…

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Light up the night

December 23, 2013
LED headlamps improve night exploration in Alaska

Thanks to LED technology, we can love December again Time was when December was, aside from the holidays, the worst month in Alaska. Where America has it’s “hump day” to…

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