Seward Silver Salmon Derby Official Preview

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The Who, What, When, Where details

What: At 59 years old, the derby is one of the oldest, largest fishing derbies in Alaska. Entrants compete to catch the heaviest fish (worth $10,000) or tagged silver worth as much as $50,000. Additional prizes can be won during daily drawings of weigh-in tickets, or a final drawing using all the tickets sold for the derby. Plus, prizes are awarded to the local and visitor with the most fish weight turned in throughout the event. Funds raised through tickets sales support the Seward Chamber of Commerce, as well as education and fish restoration and enhancement in Resurrection Bay.
When: Begins at 6 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 9. Ends at noon on Sunday, Aug. 17.
Where: Anglers can fish from anywhere along the shore that is not privately owned or posted, via personal boat, watercraft of any size, or with a charter service. Fish caught must be turned into the weigh station before the close of the day to be eligible for a prize. The Seward Chamber of Commerce maintains ownership of those fish unless the angler buys it back for $5.
Cost: A one-day entry can be purchased for $10, or anglers can maximize their winning potential with a $50 ticket, which covers the full nine days of the event.
Ticket sales: Derby tickets go on sale Friday, Aug. 8 — the evening before the start of the event. Find them at the derby headquarters, across from the B-Dock fish cleaning station at the small boat harbor, between 6-10 p.m. or at select businesses around town. Ticket sales on Saturday begin at 5:30 a.m. at the derby headquarters and at sales locations around Seward.
Start & end: The official start and end of the derby is announced with the firing of an explosive, gunshot or warning signal.
Allowed locations: All waters, inside and outside Resurrection Bay. The only requirement is that boats begin and end their trip in Seward. All fishing regulations apply. Be sure to buy a fishing license along with that derby ticket. Legal limits are 6 per day/6 in possession inside Resurrection Bay and 3 per day/3 in possession outside Resurrection Bay. Check the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s regulations for more details.
Remember Tickets are not a requirement to fish Resurrection Bay during derby days, but they are a requirement to enter your fish for judging.
Contact: Call the Seward Chamber of Commerce (907) 224- 8051 or email them at Visit the Chamber online at, or go to the office in Seward at 2001 Seward Highway.

dudePowerboat Pre-Departure Checklist

Know your boat. Before each departure, always be sure your boat is in good working condition, is properly equipped for emergencies, and that passengers are properly briefed.
Avoid inconvenience and potential danger by taking a few minutes before departure to check the following:
• Lifejackets for each person (proper size and fit, worn, fastened)
• Throwable Type IV flotation device with floating line, attached to boat
• Fire extinguisher(s) fully charged, mounted securely
• Sound producing device(s) (air horn, whistle, bell)
• U.S. Coast Guard-approved visual distress signals (with current dates)
• Navigation lights
• Boat registration (properly displayed, certificate onboard)
• Proper ventilation, backfire flame arrestors installed (inboards)
• Drain plugs installed/sea cocks closed
• Marine VHF radio(s) and other equipment tested
• Fuel and oil sufficient for trip – 1/3 Out, 1/3 Return, 1/3 Reserve
• Vessel loaded properly and all items secured from shifting
• Battery fully charged, secured, terminals clean and covered
• Bilge pump and backup manual bailing device(s) functional
• Tools/parts (spare batteries, fuses, spark plugs, belts, prop, prop nut kit)
• Anchors (2), each with own chain and line, one attached to boat
• Auxiliary propulsion (spare engine, sail, paddle, oars)
• Spare food, drinking water, clothing, shelter (tent or tarp)
• First aid and survival kits
• Navigation tools. GPS, compass, charts, maps, tide book
• Weather and sea conditions (forecast and observation)
• Float plan prepared, given to responsible party
• Passenger briefing: stability rules, proper clothing, float plan details, location of and how to use emergency equipment, how to start, stop and steer the boat, handling emergencies.
From the Alaska DNR, Office of Boating Safety. Learn more at



2014 Silverado Double Cab 4X4
2014 Equinox LS AWD
Tagged Fish
$50,000 / $10,000 / $5,000 / (10) $1,000

1st     $10,000
2nd     $5,000
3rd     $2,500

4th    $1,000   Cabela’s Gift Card
5th    $750

6th-9th     $500
10th           ASLC Family Adventure Pass

We give out prizes up to the 49th heaviest fishfish

1 Mystery Fish worth    $1,000
Prizes also given for:
First Fish Caught
Last Fish Caught
Largest Fish Caught on a Sailboat
Cumulative Weight, Seward Adult
Cumulative Weight, Non-Seward Adult
Largest Fish Caught from the Coast
Derby Ticket Yellow Copy Awards Drawing
Heaviest Fish for Man, Woman, Youth
58th Heaviest Fish Caught Each Day
Daily random weights
Youth, Heaviest Fish
Special catergory prizes
49th Heaviest Fish
Prize drawing for all Derby ticket holders at the awards ceremony on 5-7 p.m. on Aug. 17 at the Branson Pavilion (waterfront) in conjunction with the Rotary Club

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