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Get out your calendar and fill it with summer races

On any given weekend, a runner – be it a weekend warrior or a hard-trained marathoner – can find a race in Anchorage. It’s quite impressive, our need to compete. Take a look at this year’s 2014 Alaska Runners Calendar

The wildly popular Color Run came to Anchorage for the first time last year, and returns this year on June 28.

The wildly popular Color Run came to Anchorage for the first time last year, and returns this year on June 28.

(available at and there are races literally every weekend of the summer – oftentimes multiple events from which to choose. A person with a running addiction could get into in real trouble here.

April alone is clogged with races throughout the state – while all eyes turn toward the Boston Marathon (set for April 21; read about it in Mike Halko’s Running Wild column,)

we here in Anchorage have such tantalizing events as the Spring Break-Up Run, with 2K, 5K and 10K options, on April 5; as well as the ever-popular Alaska Heart Run, with 3K and 5K distances, on April 26. There’s a one-miler (among other distances) in Ketchikan, a womens-only run in Palmer, and a unique running event that combines tag-team knitting and running in Fairbanks. I mean, really, what more will people come up with?

And these are just the running events. Then there are the countless triathlons, road biking races, trail runs and mountain climbs. There are groups catering to the inner competitor in all of us, including the Alaska Triathlon Club, the Arctic Bicycle Club and Alaska Mountain Runners. They all kick off this month, as the last of the snow melts away (hopefully) and the roads and trails dry out. It’s one of the reasons why, at the end of the summer, we stumble wearily into fall, worn out by the hyperactivity but rejuvenated by it just the same. It’s something that I’ve always loved about living in Alaska, this obsessive need to be busy every single weekend, squeezing each ounce of activity from the days. This is the time of year that, in our family, we begin filling in the schedule – a mountain run one weekend, a half marathon the next. A 5K for kicks and if we’re lucky, a leisurely afternoon hike with no clock recording our time.

Whatever you decide to pursue this month, we at Coast hope you find some inspiration in our pages. Chris Batin lures us in, literally, with a primer on the best spinners for angling. The folks at Alyeska reluctantly,  but entertainingly so, give up their snow in the annual Slush Cup party, a raucous event that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. And our annual State of the Trails

guide, designed in an easy pullout manner to clip and carry, guides you to some of the best trails and destinations in and around Anchorage.

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