Running club hosts Sleeping Lady Challenge

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Want to be recognized all your hard summer running work? The Anchorage Running Club has introduced the Sleeping Lady Challenge, a unique medal-earning opportunity for completing multiple Anchorage Running Club events in 2017.

Earn your medal by running three of the four Anchorage Running Club-sponsored events: The Trent Waldron Half Marathon and Pulsator 10K; the Anchorage RunFest 5K, half marathon, marathon, marathon relay or 49K; the Oktoberfest 5K/10K; and the Zombie Half Marathon.

The first option – the Trent Waldron – has already happened, so if you haven’t competed yet, now’s the time to mark your calendars.

• Anchorage RunFest 5K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Marathon Relay, 49K is set for Aug. 20.

• Oktoberfest 5K/10K is Sept. 24

• The Zombie Half is Oct. 14.

“We just thought it would reward runners who participate in the races and help increase membership so people know what we are all about,” said Anchorage Running Club Board of Directors member Sharron Fisherman. “We called it the Sleeping Lady Challenge because in all these races you can see Sleeping Lady.”

Runners who complete the Sleeping Lady Challenge will receive their medal four to six weeks after the Zombie Half Marathon and an e-mail with details regarding medal pickup. To be eligible, register using the same first and last name, address, and date of birth for all events. If your records don’t match, it can create a logistical nightmare.

you may not receive your medal. For details, go to the club’s website at






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