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Spend your hot summer days in one of these cool communities


Preceding page: Lila Hobbs and Kelly Bertrand explore Turnagain Arm at Beluga Point. Photo by Michael DeYoung / AlaskaStock.

I recently read an article about the fact that some people are actually born with a gene that causes them to crave travel. The “wanderlust” gene, as it is called, is a genetic derivative of the gene DRD4, and only 20 percent of the population has it.

I am firmly in that minority. No sooner do I return from a trip when I want to go on another – whether it’s to another country, another state, another town or even another errand. Sitting still is not my strong suit.
That’s why this year’s Adventure Unlimited Guide focuses on places we wanderlusters can get to quick – just for a change of scenery or a new adventure – nothing exotic, just your everyday kayaking trek or run-of-the-mill hike in the mountains.
That’s what’s so great about Alaska – it doesn’t take much to find something outdoorsy there to do. Where we live, we can hike onto trail-less mountaintops after just a five-minute drive from home. We can sit on our deck and watch moose nibble in the woods just 20 feet away. We coexist with this outdoor bounty so often that we sometimes forget to appreciate it.
Adventure Unlimited reminds us every year, though, that we are lucky. The great outdoors beckons and we are only a gas tank away. Head north to Talkeetna and Valdez or south to Seward or Homer. Or stay right in Anchorage and rediscover why you live here in the first place. We have compiled our favorite things to do in each of these towns, when the events are held, and who to contact for more information (Hint: Clone yourself on July Fourth. There’s something happening in just about every community we love).
There is plenty to do, and the summer clock is ticking. Circle your favorite events and start your planning now. Summer awaits.

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