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Dress like Santa, ski for free at Alyeska

It’s dark and it’s dumping. No wind, just cold air and snow, lots of snow. So much snow in fact that the reflecting light is amplified to an almost daylight level, adding a unique ambiance to the night, a calming feeling that builds into a restless anticipation as to what the morning will bring. For young people, this can mean lots of things, anything from sledding in the backyard or in a park nearby. Or maybe building a snow fort to wage war against the neighbor kids during a highly coveted snow day from school – or maybe parents

One of the most popular snow days at Alyeska Resort happens Dec. 21, when skiers and snowboarders who dress in full Santa costumes (no, a hat is not enough), can ski for free. Join the fun Dec. 21. Courtesy Ralph Kristopher

taking their kids to the resort to ski all day. Moments and activities like these can literally transform or alter one’s path in life. These are moments all snow enthusiasts have lived, and the feeling of anticipation is something that every lover of snow has felt. For most it starts young on one of the elusive snow days, waking up and not having to go through the daily grind of riding the bus and going to school to learn. On these days you can do whatever with whomever. The world truly is an oyster, and the pearl is a fresh line to ski and free refills all day.

Youth today face a daily grind, as do adults. School, sports, math, spelling, the list goes on. As the grind goes on so builds a need for expressive and creative release as well as getting out any pent up energy. This is how kids can spend hours hiking the same hill to sled down, or ignore the cold and wet as they’re building a snow fort or have the energy to lap High Traverse or North Face all day. It’s the feeling that everyone is looking for, sometimes as elusive as a snow day from school; the creative, energetic and expressive release that allows oneself to get physically exhausted in the process. For many, snow aids this process whether it’s sledding down a hill over and over or skiing all day, lapping the same line and getting “free-refills” with every run because it’s snowing that hard. It’s impossible to stop playing even though it’s cold and muscles are aching but any worries that may lie in the youthful life don’t matter in these moments, just the thrills from creative athletic movement. One more run, always one more run.

As an adult the grind is real, way real. The spelling tests and math quizzes of yesterday have turned into bills, bosses and deadlines. Being an adult, or “adulting,” sucks. Selling your life for a salary or hourly wage is not how humans were designed to live and thrive and yet we find ourselves punching the clock to provide for ourselves and loved ones. But on a cold night, it snows and the surroundings light up from the reflections. It is then that the adult responsibilities take a back seat for a moment and the youthful feeling of joy and excitement return. Heading to Alyeska Resort for a shred mission, one will find like-minded individuals hooting and hollering with every POW turn or face shot sounding like glossolalia. In this case it’s the snow-filled outdoors causing shouts documenting the thrill of movement; an athletic expression of creativity and joy.

Alyeska Resort will open for the season on Dec. 15. Visit the Resort’s website for updated conditions, events and concerts. And above all, don’t miss out on the classic Santa Skis Free Day, Dec. 21, or the New Year’s Eve Torch-light Parade followed by DeadPhish Orchestra Dec. 31 at the Sitzmark.

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