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March brings much-anticipated performers to Anchorage


“Beware the ides of March.”

Caesar probably should have heeded this sage advice. Thankfully, Alaskans have nothing to fear from the ides (that’s the middle of the month, for those of you who skipped Shakespeare in high school). In fact, it is a prime month to get a little dose of arts and culture and get set to step into summer fun.

Portland Cello Project bends the stoic classical instrument to new feats, tackling Bach and Britney Spears, cantatas and Kanye West. You might have a moment of clarity when you finally place the pop tune they’re covering, but you could just as easily find yourself nodding along with a profound new take on a song you already love. Shows three years ago sold out, but you have another chance on the evenings of March 7 and 8 at the Discovery Theatre.

Speaking of contemporary concert twists, even the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra is getting into the act this month. “Electric Nights” brings electric violinist Tracy Silverman to town for a performance on March 29. Tickets for each performance are available through Centertix.

The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies will rock the house, bringing 50s music to the present-day, come March 15. ROD BLACK

The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies will rock the house, bringing 50s music to the present-day, come March 15. ROD BLACK

Not everything on stage is strings. The Flying Karamazov Brothers defy easy description. While juggling is perhaps the most visible of their talents, the show incorporates music, comedy and dance. Add two parts Groucho Marx, a dash of circus, some kilts, some tutus and juggle until hilariously mixed. Could we call it New Vaudeville? You can certainly call each of their two shows in town on March 22 entertaining.

This isn’t the first time the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies have come to town, but it is the first time in a while that they’ve come up for something other than a holiday concert. The group has the polish of the Rat Pack and the musical skills to pull the best qualities of 50s rock forward. So don your zoot suit and swing over to Atwood Concert Hall on March 15.

That’s not to suggest that March is all about the great indoors. A few of Alaska’s favorite activities are thawing out. In the spring, an Alaskan’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of … fishing, hiking and camping. Enter: the Great Alaska Sportsman Show. The expo fills the Sullivan and spills out onto the adjoining lots March 27 through the 30th. Plan trips, test the latest outdoor toys, and generally get geared up for the coming summer. It’s $11 for adults and $3 for kids 12 and older.

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