Holiday cheer at Alyeska

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Enjoy these fun watering holes at your favorite ski resort

Alyeska Resort: where we all go to play, get away and pray that we make it out alive. For many, this statement is related strictly to on-mountain activities. For others, the statement holds true for their off-mountain activities as well. If watering holes at ski resorts are your thing, here are a few of the top spots at Alyeska Resort.


The Sitzmark, “The Hardest Working Bar in Alaska.” Shannon Markley.

The Sitzmark
Claim to Fame: “The Hardest Working Bar in Alaska.” Built in the 1970s as a part of the Nugget Inn’s slope-side accommodations, the Sitzmark was known as the hardest working bar in Alaska because of the sheer amount of guests who would come through during ski season. On a heavy snow day, the bartenders and waitstaff had to scramble to keep up with their patrons, often lined three deep by the bar. This is a good thing, of course, because it gives this bar a fun, vibrant vibe that draws customers in. The Sitzmark at Alyeska Resort has been able to hold onto the nostalgic feeling of what the après ski bar should be; a place where live music, good beer and dining, and great friends all come together to reflect on an incredible day on the slopes.
How to Get There: Simple. Take any one of the chairlifts up the mountain, ski to the base, and BOOM, there it is. Or, simply take a left on Arlberg Avenue from the Alyeska Highway, then take your first right and follow it up the hill. Your fun, friendly and free Glacier Valley Transit drivers can get you there as well.
Food/Drink: From $2 Taco Tuesdays to Weekend Burger Specials and the ever-popular plate of Tot-chos, the Sitz is your spot for hearty slope-side fare after a day on the slopes. Grab a Moscow Mule or one of the many Winter Warmer drinks and have a seat next to the fire pit on the best deck in Girdwood.


Enjoy the Fizz, one of Seven Glaciers Restaurant’s signature drinks at Alyeska Resort. The Sitzmark and Bore Tide bars also offer great apres-ski beverages. Courtesy Ralph Kristopher.

Enjoy the Fizz, one of Seven Glaciers Restaurant’s signature drinks at Alyeska Resort. The Sitzmark and Bore Tide bars also offer great apres-ski beverages. Courtesy Ralph Kristopher.

Seven Glaciers Bar
Claim to Fame: “The Fizz.” You can’t go to Alyeska without hearing people speak of this one-of-a-kind drink. This cocktail has been Seven Glaciers’ No. 1 drink for the last 30-plus years, and only one man knows the recipe – one special man who is the face of the Fizz, the man we call Big Wave Dave. While everyone you talk to drinks this delicious concoction, it’s a not-so-well-kept-secret that isn’t even on the menu and is only available in the winter.  A must try on your visit to Alyeska and Seven Glaciers.

How to Get There: Oh you know, take an aerial tram up to 2,300 feet. No big deal.
Food/Drink: While the Fizz may be one of the more talked-about drinks at Seven Glaciers, this full bar has some great beers on tap, a whole menu filled with different creative cocktails, and one of the largest and most diverse wine collections in the state. Order your drink of choice, snack on a delicious appetizer and enjoy some of the best views offered at any bar you can think of.



Bore Tide, “Alyeska’s Newest Mountaintop Bar.” Shannon Markley.

Bore Tide Bar
Claim to Fame: “Alyeska’s Newest Mountaintop Bar.” Having opened just four months ago, Alyeska Resort has been proud to unveil its new, modern dining outlet and bar.With textured wood and river-rock finishes, and a signature cocktail list that reflects the contemporary yet casual atmosphere, the Bore Tide Bar is your new mountaintop hangout.
How to Get There: Like Seven Glaciers, take the Tram or Glacier Bowl Express to this new mountaintop experience.
Food/Drink: The Bore Tide Bar is officially the home of the Alyeska Brewski. The Summer Brewski was a Hopfenweizen, which is two-thirds Hefeweizen and one-third IPA. This season, we will switch to the Winter Brewski that is two-hirds Oatmeal Stout and one-third IPA. These flavorsome, creative beers are exclusive to Alyeska Resort and are brewed by King Street Brewery in Anchorage. While the Bore Tide Bar does have its own limited menu of a few deli sandwiches, soups, hummus plates, and other snacks, guests are also able to order off of the Bore Tide Deli menu during its operational hours.

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