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As holidays approach, the to-do list grows

On Thanksgiving morning, the very first thing I do is turn my Spotify, iPod or CD collection to holiday music. My kids are happy with this, my husband is happy with this; it sets the tone for the holiday season to come and gets us in the spirit to celebrate a favorite day with friends and family.
By Christmas, they are not so excited by the holiday music. But I am. They have heard Charlie Brown’s Christmas one too many times, and if I even begin to switch to Elvis holiday songs, my son will come and rip the iTunes out of my hands.
Holiday music is one of my favorite things.

Roan Hall, circa 2011, roasting marshmallows with his snow buddies by the bonfire in front of our house. Andy Hall

Roan Hall, circa 2011, roasting marshmallows with his snow buddies by the bonfire in front of our house. Andy Hall

So, in the spirit of this month’s special holiday-themed issue, I share with you my five favorite holiday to-dos this time of year. Read through the pages of this month’s magazine and you will see what our columnists like best, too. Take a look at their profiles and get to know them a little better. Hopefully, after devouring this month’s issue of Coast, you will want to spend another year with us, celebrating all that is the great outdoors of Alaska, vicariously, through our stories and images.
Have a wonderful holiday, folks – whatever your celebrations may include – and a peaceful New Year to come.
Top 5 ways to spend the month of December
Listening to holiday music: “Silent Night” gets me every time.
Cutting our own tree: Nothing yells “holiday” more than the annual tree hunt, usually accompanied by hot toddies and a bonfire. We live in Alaska, after all, surrounded by spruce trees. They might not be as pretty as the store-bought ones, but therein lies the charm.
Night skiing: I’m the first to admit that I’m not the best skier – running and biking are my things. But I live in a family of cross-country skiers so when they want to enjoy an evening of skiing, I hate to be left behind. Night skiing after fresh snow is even better. No one gets to see my terrible form, and if I fall down, the fresh powder softens the blow.
At least one night at Alyeska: Despite prices creeping upward at Alyeska Resort, this remains a very special treat our family still relishes. Day trips can be had every weekend, but the luxury of staying at the hotel for one, or even two, nights is even better. Ski all day, come back to a tidy room, forget the long drive home. The holidays wouldn’t be the same without this getaway.
Bonfire party: The hole we once dug to roast a pig in has, over the years, morphed into a great bonfire pit, surrounded by split-log benches and a cinderblock rim. It’s nothing fancy, but the fire can get big and we can stay warm. At least once every December, we have friends over, toast to the holidays, roast some marshmallows and celebrate outside, cold weather be damned.

Tune in during December to meet the makers of Coast!

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