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Only in Alaska do we come up with such creative events as the Abominable Snow Series. It’s not that fat tire racing is unpopular elsewhere – it’s just that Chain Reaction Cycles’ four-race series has the coolest name and the most hilarious logo. Those reasons alone are enough to get you off the couch and onto the trails for one of the four races the shop is putting on – with the help of Moose’s Tooth and race director Will Ross – over the winter.
“Yeah, the logo is a shop thing,” said Chain Reaction co-owner Jamey Stull. “The guys were kind of hanging out and they came up with this name and then they talked about logos, and one guy knew a buddy who knew a buddy who did Moose’s Tooth’s graphics, and it went from there.”
The four-race series features winter-style cross racing, Stull said, and does not require fat-tire bikes – anyone can ride, no matter the size of their tires.
“We thought about making a tire size requirement and then decided not to,” Stull said.
All races are multi-lap, shorter races, similar to mountain bike races in the summer, only held at night for added fun. In past years, there have been as many as seven races in the series, but Stull said the shop decided to cut back to four races to accommodate a busy winter schedule and to attract more racers who won’t necessarily feel committed to race all winter.
“We’re going to try some new style events,” Stull said. “That’s why you will see the Super D race on (the schedule) – we did it last year and it was short but it was really fun.”The first race in the Abominable series – AKA the A-bomb series – is Dec. 6 at Cuddy Park’s short track. This night race promises lots of fun on the ice – hopefully it will be snowy, too, Stull said, in mid-November, while Anchorage was still snowless.

Other races include:

Abominable No. 2: Jan. 31, 2015, Hillside Snow Super D, Night race
Abominable No. 3: Feb. 7, 2015, Eagle River Nature Center (this event is a fundraiser for the Eagle River Nature Center and is managed by them)
Abominable No. 4: Feb. 28, 2015, Kincaid Park State Championship XC, Night race
Online entry is available by visiting Chain Reaction’s site, Or call the shop at 336-0383.

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