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Our Readers


  • 50% female/male
  • Median age: 36
  • 99% hike and backpack
  • 83% mountain bike
  • 64% canoe
  • 50% want to try whitewater kayaking
  • 42% spend 16-plus days each month doing recreational activities
  • 40% have a household income of $50,000-plus
  • 38% ocean kayak
  • 35% in-line skate
  • (based on Y2K reader surveys and sister publications



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Placing Ads

Note: 15 percent commission to accredited agencies providing camera-ready copy.


Sending digital files to Coast:

  • We are Mac based, so if you use a PC, please save images as PDF or EPS.
  • Image resolution needs to be 300dpi at a minimum of 5X7 inches.
  • Line screen is 85dpi.
  • We use Quark, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Microsoft Word (text editing only).
  • Send all document fonts (only if using Mac fonts), or convert all fonts to paths. PC users: If fonts are not converted to paths and we do not have that particular font(s) in question, the fonts will default to courier.
  • Color images should be converted to CMYK (please, no hard copy separations).
  • If you use PC and a PC layout program, convert files to a PDF. We do not accept Publisher files.
  • We accept PDF’s. However, we cannot make any changes to the ad once sent as PDF.
  • Stuffing/Zipping files: Stuffing files prevents corruption during electronic transfer. We can accept Stuffit files or Zipit files up to 5Mb.

For all Coast electronic display ad submissions,

Questions? Contact your Coast advertising representative,
(907) 677-2900.

Ad dimensions in inches (wxh):

Full page:
7.5 x 9.5
5.75 x 9.5
1/2-page horiz:
7.5 x 4.75
1/2-page vert:
3.75 x 9.5
1/3-page horiz:
7.5 x 3.25
1/3-page vert:
3.6 x 6.7
3.625 x 4.75
1/4-page vert:
2 x 9.5
1/4-page horiz:
5.75 x 3.4
1/8-page horiz:
3.62 x 2.5
1/8-page vert:
2 x 4.75

Classified Display/Guides & Services:

Class 1:
2 x 4.75
Class 2:
2 x 2.75
Class 3:
2 x 1.3


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