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Make this the year to focus on fitness as an everyday part of life and not a resolution to uphold. Courtesy Andy Hall.

Make this the year to focus on fitness as an everyday part of life and not a resolution to uphold. Courtesy Andy Hall.

Win free lift tickets and discover that fitness can be fun

There is something satisfying about flipping the calendar into a new year. It’s a wipe-the-slate-clean sensation that makes every goal, dream and desire seem possible. It’s like hitting “clear” on a stopwatch and starting it once again, this time reaching that ever-elusive faster goal or speedier split. It’s also a chance to look ahead and plan for the future – rather than looking back at regrets or things not done. It’s simply a hopeful time of year.
With that mentality, Coast magazine looks ahead to the New Year with the same sort of enthusiasm. Th is month, we celebrate all things fitness. For some, this might mean getting physically fit or losing a few pounds. For others, it might be learning to juggle time commitments and organize a work-play balance. It might even be about staying mentally sharp, engaging in activities that foster a better sense of wellbeing, or eating better.
Want two free lift tickets to Hilltop Ski Area in Anchorage? Post your favorite way to stay fit on Instagram and add #coastfitnessgoals. We will choose the best picture and the tickets are all yours. Just minutes from home, Hilltop is a great place to get in a few runs and appreciate the recent snow we have been so lucky to receive.We couldn’t have kicked off the New Year with a better advocate for wellbeing than Holly Brooks, who will join us this year with a column highlighting the many ways in which fitness can be fun. Brooks is a two-time Olympic cross-country skier, winner of Mount Marathon and overall advocate of staying fi t and having fun doing it. Not only is she one of Alaska’s toughest female athletes, but she also has recently opened a private practice, Holly Brooks LLC Coaching, Counseling, Consulting and Motivational Speaking. Her goal is to help young women be empowered by whatever it is that speaks to them – sports, music, art, you name it.
Brooks will share, periodically throughout the year, her insight on how to stay fi t in Alaska and how to have fun while doing it. This month, she talks about the mental game – how to stay positive no matter the circumstances. Th e body can be strong but without the brain following, a fitness fail is sure to follow.
Our other columnists chime in, too. Did you know that fishing is not just about standing in one spot and casting about? Those who are successful anglers know that getting to the best fishing hole’s requires more than a GPS, and fi shing editor Chris Batin tells us how he’s done it all these years.
Staying in top shape for running and cycling also requires specific efforts unique to the sports. Runners, for instance, can reflect on past experiences, as our writer Mike Halko suggests, while cyclists can team up with friends to make the miles roll past more easily.
No matter what sport you prefer – rock climbing, kayaking, skiing or backpacking – there are many ways to make those activities more fun by being in the best shape possible. Anyone who has strapped on a 35-pound pack and taken off on a weeklong backpacking trek without some physical preparation can attest to the less-than-pleasant outcome that follows. Or what about spending a day at the slopes after being a couch potato for two months? Your quads will revolt in
ways you never thought possible – and you could get injured as well.
So, like the rest of the masses, take a few minutes to set your sights on a January – or even a full calendar year – full of potential. See if this will be the year that you finally nail that goal.

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